Regarding submissions, we only feature opportunities aligned with our values and that bring funds to our readers. Submissions do not guarantee a feature. 

For companies & individuals who can afford it,  we ask for a listing fee of $80. If not, a minimum donation of $35.

(most jobs & art residencies platforms on the internet ask for more than $150/listing. PUTF is cheap, independent and is run by an unemployed musician.)

Upon receiving your inquiry and payment, we will craft a tailored PUTF listing-card and will share it to our 17.7k followers growing audience via our instagram page and this website.  


$ 80
  • Internships
  • Entry & Mid-Level Positions
  • Senior Positions
  • Freelance Positions


$ 80
  • Grants
  • Open Calls
  • Resources
  • Fellowships


$ 35
  • For individuals who can't afford to pay
  • Must be aligned with our vision
  • For non-profits & collectives


Please use this form to send your listing (after payment/donation submission).