Regarding submissions, we only feature listings aligned with our values. Submissions do not guarantee a feature. 

For companies & individuals who want us to publish their listing and have the means, PUTF asks for a listing fee of $100 (per listing). 

Upon receiving your inquiry and payment, we will craft a tailored PUTF listing-card and will share it to our 30k+ audience via our Instagram page, Twitter, Facebook page, newsletter and this website. Listings are promoted until their respective deadlines. 

Weekly Sponsors

You can also support this project by sponsoring our weekly newsletter. Service or product must align with PUTF’s vision and values. 

We only accept one sponsor / week.

Upon receiving your inquiry and payment, we will feature it in an announcement post on our Instagram page. Your service will be mentioned in the description text. We will use your copy+image to craft a tailored PUTF sponsor card and feature it in our weekly newsletter. (150 words approx. + 1 image)


You can also purchase a classified ad (located in the price box below) which will be featured in our weekly newsletter. Submissions do not guarantee a feature.

If you’re interested please first email us at

Listing Fee

Jobs, Grants, Fellowships, Open Calls, Residencies.
$ 100
  • Designed Listing Card
  • Social Media Promo
  • Newsletter Feature
  • Listing Duration: Until Expiration
  • Deadlines Story Tab Feature

Sponsor Fee

Institutions, Organizations, Brands.
$ 300
  • Designed Sponsor Card
  • IG Paid Partnership Tag
  • Newsletter Feature
  • Listing Duration: 1 Week
  • Sponsors Story Tab Feature

Please use this form to send your listing or sponsor inquiry (after payment submission). We ask for one fee per listing/inquiry. 

A few of our clients: