Pick Up The Flow is an online community and resource-sharing platform that aims to democratize access to opportunities. Founded by Bergsonist, a musician-artist based in New York City, the platform was initially designed to facilitate connections among musicians and creative people in NYC by offering a space to sell gear, share knowledge, post apartment listings, and more.

Currently, PUTF exists as an Instagram feed with over 34K+ followers, a website, a newsletter, a private Facebook marketplace/forum, a Discord channel, and a podcast. The website and Instagram page feature daily listings of opportunities, such as grants, residencies, jobs, and more.

Since its inception in 2017, PUTF has organized various events, including workshops, radio broadcasts, and swap meets, in response to the changing dynamics of the music, art, and culture industries. The platform seeks to pave new paths forward through collective models of trust, both online and offline.

PUTF’s mission is to promote access to resources and combat the dominant greed in the art and technology industry. To make this project more sustainable, PUTF now requires a listing fee for each inquiry. Alternatively, you can support the project by becoming a patron.