Pick Up The Flow is an online community & resource-sharing platform aiming to democratize access to opportunities.  

PUTF was founded by Bergsonist (NYC based musician) to connect musicians and creative people in NYC, and make it easier to share gear for sale, knowledge, apartment listings and more. 

The platform currently exists as an instagram feed (30K followers) website, newsletter, private FB group, discord & podcast. Listings for opportunities (grants, residencies, jobs, etc) are shared daily via the website & instagram page.

Since 2017, Pick Up the Flow has organized workshops, radio broadcasts, swap meets and other activities that respond to current dynamics in the music/art/culture industries. It seeks to find new ways forward through collective models of trust, both on and offline.

PUTF aims to democratize access to resources and fight against hegemonic greed in the art & tech industry.

In an effort to make this project more sustainable, PUTF is asking for one listing fee per inquiry. You can also support the project by becoming a patronsponsoring our weekly newsletter or buying a classified ad.

Donations are appreciated.