Office Manager | Mexican Summer / Anthology

Job Description:

  • Manage all customer service inquiries
  • Receive all incoming office calls
  • Monitor and purchase office supplies as needed
  • Assist in running label meetings
  • Create / maintain EPKs and Promojukebox
  • Support management of label and artist web stores
  • Update all sales and stock reports
  • Assist with retail marketing campaign execution, provide commercial visibility recaps
  • Compile information for digital pitch forms and quarterly priorities. Submit this information to distributors
  • Help aggregate sales data and collate sales/marketing reports to circulate with the internal team
  • Provide accounting admin support
  • Assist with bi-annual royalty reporting
  • Execute label buys for US tour dates
  • Enter tour dates into label and artist websites
  • Assist Project Managers with sending stock to artists
  • Send promos for press / radio / tour-related giveaways
  • Manage and run record fairs as needed

To Apply:

Please email your resume and cover letter to with the subject line “Office Manager Application“.

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