Office / Payroll Manager | Bond Theatrical

Duties include but are not limited to:

• Manage and coordinate office operations, including daily processes and special project management
• Act as liaison between employees and management for company policies and time sensitive messaging (i.e office closures)
• Coordinate necessary training for staff
• Manage invoicing and coordination of tracking actual payments vs projected income
• Planning of company-wide outings and events (i.e. summer retreat, holiday party)
• Implement, manage and maintain record keeping, confidential personnel files, payroll processing, purchasing and inventory control systems
• Implement and manage client bill backs for expenses
• Coordinate and liaise with the accounting and bookkeeping team and ensure all
financial reports are prepared in accordance with office requirements
• Develop, maintain and actualize all business income and expense projection spreadsheets
• Assist with Human Resources management including design and implementation of policies and procedures, manage benefits administration, recruitment, orientation and training of staff
• Manage office equipment, maintenance and service contracts and systems including liaising with the IT team
• Manage technology and telecommunications systems and provide general support to staff
• Create and maintain an administrative filing system
• Maintain an inventory of office supplies and equipment
• Maintain office kitchen and physical office space
• Maintain a petty cash system
• Perform other duties as may be assigned


Please send a resume and cover letter to and reference “Office / Payroll Manager” in your subject line.

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