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Somewhere Good is a social platform designed for intimate audio conversations. Through expansive audio spaces they open portals for nuanced, layered and engaging connections between those who share identities and interests.

They’re an equal opportunity employer that values the intentional cultivation of a team that varies in identity and comes from all walks of life. Their work environment values our employees creatively and professionally and they always move at the speed of collaboration and communication. They deeply believe in making their company’s big dreams a reality in a fun and balanced workspace that recognizes a person’s fully lived experience.

Their internal tech stack includes: Gsuite, Notion, Slack and Figma.

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You will:

  • Design and embed forms of digital care including what the future of safety will look like on Somewhere Good.
  • Create thoughtful tools and infrastructure for how people can most safety navigate the flagship iOS app.
  • Position Somewhere Good as an intentional and considerate space designed around empathy, education, understanding and care.
  • Address Somewhere Good-unique challenges like voice/audio privacy and digital ownership.
  • Drive the overall strategic planning and effective execution of care policies.
  • Communicate care strategies on digital safety to the Somewhere Good team.
  • Work closely with Product, Consumer, Creative and Engineering to understand trends and behaviors on the Somewhere Good platform alongside establishing goals and milestones for continuously improving platform care.
  • Support the development, launch and training of all platform policies and guidelines.
  • Continuously conduct research into best practices through a lens of race and wellbeing, intersectional environmentalism, equity and psychological safety.
  • Analyze existing policies and procedures to identify gaps, inconsistencies or new ways to improve the Somewhere Good experience.

You are:

  • Knowledgeable about community and policy development.
  • Committed to creating new ways care can exist in digital spaces.
  • Someone who believes in proactive policies versus solving for reactive conflict.
  • Passionate and excited by communal care practices and how they can live digitally.
  • A strong writer and creative problem solver talented at conveying ideas through detailed specifications and policies.
  • Someone who enjoys reading about how people and platforms can and have nurtured better behavior and communication through education over punishment.
  • A natural thought leader who regularly shares critical and consistent insight driven by curiosity.
  • Enthused about platform safety, care at scale and are inspired by the nature of the work.
  • Uninspired by current digital care tools and policies and are excited to dream and implement intentional experiences that don’t exist yet.
  • Collaborative and can work across disciplines with team members of different backgrounds and experiences.
  • Opinionated, decisive, and not a jerk 🙂

 💰 Compensation: $90,000 per year + equity + other perks


The interview process consists of 4 parts designed to better understand each applicant’s depth of experience and goals.

  1. 30 minute conversation with Naj Austin, their Chief Executive Officer
  2. Paid Assessment (a task related to designing a simple framework around a care policy)
  3. 1 hour conversation with Product, Design, Consumer and Engineering (where we can evaluate assessment and simulate a collaborative meeting with action items)
  4. 30 minute conversation with Naj Austin, their Chief Executive Officer

The entire process is expected to last around 2.5 weeks. The deadline to apply for this role is March 1, 2021.

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