Head Of Marketing | AllInOne Collective

AllInOne Collective is looking for a Head of Marketing to headline marketing for their 3rd and largest property! They are taking over a 28,000sq foot church in Ditmas Park to open a community center and coworking space for those working in creative or social impact spheres, and local community members. Their goal is to make space and resources more affordable to allow their member’s projects to flourish, and to help further solidify art, social change and community in New York City.

The Head of Marketing will be in charge of overseeing all bold and trail-blazing aspects of marketing and devising strategic plans, goals and milestones for all marketing initiatives for every quarter of the church’s operation. The Head of Marketing must have ample experience in all aspects of marketing including social media, SEO, content production, analytics, ad campaigns, PR, community outreach, and guerilla marketing strategies.You will be responsible for fleshing out their long-term marketing strategy, and helping them build out all marketing-related operations including eventually hiring a team to manage all of these initiatives. They need someone who is able to build the infrastructure to support campaigns and strategies to meet audience and sales goals for all activities at the church including filling coworking desks, making sure event attendance is regularly over 200 people, filling artist studios, marketing their recording studios so that they are regularly filled, driving traffic to the businesses on site (the barbershop, dining hall, cafe, and clothing store) and attracting high-energy, focussed, collaborative creatives and community members to join and contribute to the ecosystem!

They are looking for someone who is very passionate about improving the world, with a high level of dynamism, proactivity and creativity. They do not want the marketing for this project to look like anything else that’s out there. They will be daring and bold and pull from all sorts of performance art domains and activism (guerilla art, organized protests, The happenings movement, etc). Knowledge in art history and experience practicing performance art is a plus. Experience in community organizing is also a plus.

Salary: $30/hr 20-40hrs/week

If interested, contact them here  or via IG.

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