Figma Expert | Playfitt

They love:
– pushing figma to its limits
– flex grids
– exacting typographic systems
– detail
– working from a modular design system
– building things
– pushing mobile design language in new direction
– elevating brand experience to equal footing of usability
– making comprehensive interaction prototypes that pay attention to EVERY detail
– paying attention to data and intangible feeling at the same time.
– working fast
– working better
– always learning

Most importantly they LOVE their users and want them to have the best experience the world.

They don’t love:
– Wireframes, because if you are using figma right why bother?
– layouts that aren’t modular
– people that aren’t fast
– slow processes
– form over function
– necessary over-reliance on existing design patterns
– sacrificing usability and speed by ignoring existing design patterns

You should be really really good at figma. You need to know how to build and maintain modular design systems and you need to really love solving design problems in an egoless way.

Your figma chops need to be off the hook and you need to have a lot of excitement about genuinely helping users and making a difference.

If this sounds like you, please get back to them:

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