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Fractured Atlas is a national nonprofit art service organization with a membership of over 75,000. Their mission is to make the journey from inspiration to living practice more accessible and equitable for artists and creatives. They are dedicated to helping individual artists and arts organizations at every level of the cultural ecosystem, in every creative medium by providing fundraising tools, educational resources, and personalized support. 

At Fractured Atlas, they work hard towards supporting their mission but they also understand that work is just one part of life and support team members having full and robust lives outside of work. Their organizational culture embraces people who:

  • Are curious and excited by opportunities to better their services, their systems, and themselves.
  • Seek out challenging problems and are comfortable with high-risk, high-impact efforts.
  • Are agile, creative problem solvers with a focus on concrete results.
  • Invest their time in quality work and giving others their respect and support.

Additionally, at Fractured Atlas they work to adhere to anti-oppression and anti-racism principles in all areas of their internal and external work. This commitment is grounded in their belief that change is possible, and that their work and that of the artistic community as a whole will grow stronger as oppression is eliminated. They ask that new team members join them as they continue to learn and grow together. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Fractured Atlas here.


Maintain Organization Operations

  • Manage day to day operations of a virtual office including but not limited to: coordinating shipments, ordering supplies, maintaining electronic organizational files, scheduling full organization meetings, and managing their virtual mailbox. 
  • Coordinate communication and reminders related to FinPOps activities. 
  • Maintain organization Objectives and Key Results (OKR) process, by creating tracking sheet, setting schedule, and sending reminders.
  • Produce organization events by coordinating technology for virtual or hybrid events and logistics for possible in-person events. 
  • Assist staff in figuring out software and hardware issues. Coordinate with Director, People Operations and external IT vendor on complex issues.
  • Order laptops for team members and assist in remote set-up.
  • Maintain an inventory of physical assets.
  • Create and maintain organization accounts for internal tools (Office 365, Trello, Slack, Dialpad, Zendesk). 

People Operations Support

  • Assist in the hiring process by: posting jobs to job boards, maintaining applicant tracking system, and assisting the hiring team with hiring administrative tasks. 
  • Maintain accuracy and create engaging content for internal knowledge base, external policy related documents, and websites to increase clarity for current staff, prospective team members, and others.
  • Assist in onboarding process by collecting forms from new hires. 
  • Coordinate scheduling and reminders for annual self-assessments.

General Administrative Support

  • Manage receipts and submit monthly FinPOps department credit card reports.
  • Support Board of Directors by providing administrative support for meetings and potential retreats (virtual, hybrid, or in person).
  • Coordinate across teams to ensure organization documents are accurate and up to date and pull documents for annual audit and grant applications.


A range of experience gained inside and outside of formal work experience can be applicable to this position so if any of these seem relevant, they encourage you to apply.

  • A skill in researching and finding information, and synthesizing it in an easy to understand way.
  • Comfort with Macbooks and the admin side of applications (examples: Slack, Dialpad, Zendesk, etc).
  • Skilled at assisting people with technical issues and communicating complicated technical information in an easy to understand way (are you the person family and friends go to with technology questions?).
  • An excitement for helping build workplaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging through a commitment to impactful anti-racism anti-oppression strategies.
  • An interest in understanding how complex systems and structures work, a desire to unravel them to get understanding, and improve upon them.
  • A demonstrated record of meeting deadlines and helping others stick to a timeline.


This position is U.S.-based and 100% virtual (with eventual travel about 1-2 times per year*). You can live anywhere in the country but most meetings fall during a 10 AM-6 PM EST window. 

*They hope to resume travel for full staff gatherings, but they don’t believe in forcing people to travel if it will be unsafe or uncomfortable for team members. 


This is a full-time non-exempt position. Salary is $56,540 ($27.18/hour). Fractured Atlas has fixed-tier compensation, so everyone at each tier makes the same. Learn more about their compensation structure here. 

Benefits include Dental, Medical, and Vision insurance covered for the employee, flexible spending account, employer-contributed 401K plan, professional development allowance, ticket and staff donation allowance for artist member projects, internet and cell-phone stipend, workplace supplies allowance, paid vacation and sick days, paid family leave, and a casual but hard-working, friendly and supportive work environment.


To be considered for the position, please use the application portal to upload all the items below in one PDF-formatted file:

  1. Please respond to the following questions instead of submitting a cover letter (under 200 words per question):
    1. What skills do you have that makes you a great fit for this role?
    2. What kind of work environment do you thrive in?
    3. If someone came to you with a computer problem, how would you go about solving the issue or figuring out what is wrong?
    4. What is something new that you learned recently?
  2. Resume no longer than (1) page
  3. A list of (3) professional references complete with phone number, email address, and explanation of the relationship. (References will not be contacted without your prior consent.)

If you’re looking for a way to merge PDFs, iLovePDF is a free browser based option. Incomplete submissions will not be considered, nor will submissions sent via email, post mail, or fax. 

They receive many applications for each job and cannot respond to questions about the position unless you are having a technical issue with the job portal or are requesting accommodations for the process. If you need help with a technical issue or are requesting accommodations, please email hiring@fracturedatlas.org.

Want to know what’s next after you apply? Here is a breakdown of the steps of the hiring process. You can learn more about Fractured Atlas by reviewing their website, blog, and work.fracturedatlas.org 


Fractured Atlas is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. (Read more about their Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression commitment.) They do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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