2 thoughts on “2023 New York City-Based Artist Residency | Residency Unlimited”

  1. I find it really fantastic that everyone tries to be inclusive in their open calls. But is not because an open call is focussed on people of color that is inclusive. What about the other underrepresented minorities? What about people with disabilities or lgbtq or older people in the beginning of their career? I haven’t found till now any open call that is truly inclusive.
    You should rephrase your open call, and be honest about it because the way it is right now, is not really correct!

    1. This is not a call for submissions specifically from us. We utilize this website and our platform to disseminate the various opportunities that we discover on a daily basis. The majority of the content shared here is voluntarily provided out of a passion for spreading awareness about new opportunities. If this page does not align with your interests, feel free to disregard it. If you have any worries, please reach out to the originator of the open call for assistance.

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