Open Call | The Yard:Williamsburg

About the theme:

In Filipino and in many other Asian languages, instead of asking “How are you?” one asks “Have you eaten?” The phrase functions not only as a greeting, but also as an expression of care. How can access to food reflect on the existence or lack of care in our lives? When is a painting of a place setting about more than just dinner? How do our culinary traditions act as markers of community, memory, politics, identity, or difference?

So — have you eaten? Kumain ka na ba? Come and have a seat at our table.

Accepted mediums:

any two dimensional media that can be hung on a wall is eligible for the show. Acceptable 2D media may include (but is not limited to) textile works, paintings, prints, photographs, and wall-oriented low relief sculpture or ceramics. Unfortunately, they do not have the capability to show film or video at this time.

About the curator:

Sonja John is a queer artist, educator, and curator based in the Bronx. Her work explores cultural and material hybridity through paintings, textiles, and installation referencing landscapes and plant forms of the Philippines and Jamaica. Her work has been featured in n+1 Magazine, Seeing Color Podcast, and Hyperallergic. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 2017.

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